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Fists in Solidarity

By submitting the Partnership Confirmation form to the Organising Team, you confirm you have read and accepted the Partnership Terms and Conditions listed herein on this webpage of FFF2022.


  • By submitting the Partnership Confirmation form, the Partner agreed to the privacy policy on the collection, use, processing, storage, and/or disclosure of company/ personal information provided.

  • By submitting the company logo/products brand, the Partner agreed and provided consent for the usage of the logo (company/brands) for activities/programs of Future FoodTech Festival 2022 and/or Thought For Food Foundation, including without limitation registration, invoicing, news, updates, matching programmes, partnerships, collaborations, website/platform usage, marketing/promotion and outreach activities for products and services.


An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the Partnership Confirmation form and Contributions should be made in accordance with the terms thereon. Contributions are to be made within 14 days from the date of the invoice and or prior to the FFF2022 begins.


TFF Southeast Asia Regional Hub (’the Organiser’) reserves the right to make alterations to the Festival programme, venue, and timings at any time. In the unlikely event of the programme being canceled by the organizer, a full refund will be made. Liability will be limited to the amount paid by the partner.  Whilst the Organisers will make every effort to secure a high level of participation, no guarantee of numbers can be given and no refunds are available if numbers do not reach the projected levels.


In the event of cancellation, the Partner will be refunded any monies contributed. If by re-arrangement or postponement of the period of the Event, or any other reasonable manner due to Covid 19 or any nature act (disaster), the event can take place, the contract between the Organiser and the Partner shall remain in force - there are No Refunds for Cancellations made for Partners. If a Partner wishes to cancel at any time, for any reason, the Partner will be responsible for the entire Partnership amount committed.



While the Organisers shall endeavor to protect the terms agreed for the event, it must be understood that the Organisers and any Official  Contractor cannot accept liability for loss or damage sustained, occasioned by any cause whatsoever. Partners agree to indemnify and hold Organisers and any Official Contractor harmless against any and all loss, liability, damage, costs, expense, claims, proceedings and actions arising out of any negligent act or omission of Partner or partner's Employees; including any breach of these terms and conditions by Partner or  Partner's Employees.


Partners may not assign or share any part of the Partnership. Nor may any cards, advert, or printed matter who are not bona fide Partners be exhibited in or displayed from, any area/platform of the event.



  • Food Stallholders will be required to operate throughout the entire Festival minimum hours 10am – 9pm on Saturday and Sunday (subject to Covid19 SOP). 


  • Set up times will be from 9am Saturday morning & all stalls should be ready by 10am.

  • Pack down will be after 9pm and all stalls will trade until this time.



  • Food stallholders shall not be entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without prior written consent from the organizer.



  • The Organiser retains the right to enter upon the site of any food stall at any time and remove any article, sign, picture, or printed matter which, in our opinion, is either not eligible for display or is considered offensive.



  • The registration will be only considered confirmed upon the full receipt of donation.

  • The donations received for the stalls are not refundable.  

  • No refunds will be made for stalls that cancel after the registration is done.

  • No refund will be made for cancellations without substitution, or for “non-attendance”

  • No refunds will be made for weather-related issues on the day.

  • In the event, Covid19 movement restrictions are enforced, and we are unable to hold the MarketPlace, 12-13 March 2022 will be set as the alternate dates. All exhibitors and partners will be notified. No refunds will be made for stalls that are unable to participate on the alternate dates.



  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco or cigarettes, and animal (vertebrates) meat-based products /foods are NOT permitted to be sold.

  • The event will proceed all-weather unless it is deemed dangerous to the public.

  • All stalls must comply with the health requirements of the relevant Food Act and Food Regulations.

  • Any special requests must be emailed to the Organising Team, we will try our best to accommodate all preferences but in some cases, we will not be able to guarantee you will be in your preferred place. Placement of stalls will be at the discretion of the FFF2022 Organising Team.

  • The FFF 2022 Organising Team authorized personnel reserves the right to inspect food stall premises at any time. No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any persons or goods whether or not that loss, damage or injury arises from the negligence of the festival staff, volunteers, or contractors employed by the Future FoodTech Festival 2022.

  • We have the right to close down stalls that do not comply with the event terms and conditions.​


The Organising Team reserves the right to change, add and/or omit any PartnershipTerms and Conditions for the best interest of the Festival and ensuring the success of the event.

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