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Future Food-AgTech Festival 2023

Wednesday 8 November 2023 to 12 November 2023 @ 1Utama Shopping Mall

Warmest Greetings. 


We extend an exclusive invitation to you to join us on an inspiring journey into the Future Food-AgTech Festival 2023 (FFF2023), a journey that carries the promise of reshaping our approach to nourishment, sustainability, and well-being


We are excited to announce its upcoming occurrence in Malaysia from November 8th to 12th. This remarkable event is organized by Impact Circle in alignment with COP28, and in collaboration with dedicated Agri-Foodtech companies and advocates from around the region.


The FFF2023 holds particular significance at this juncture, as concerns over the future food security of our planet continue to

mount. The quest for sustainable, alternative food sources has gained traction. This festival is designed to tackle three pivotal areas:


  1. Innovations in food technology, aimed at producing not only safer but also more delightful food products.

  2. Addressing the pressing issues of climate change and environmental impact stemming from current food production methods.

  3. Responding to the contemporary lifestyle shift towards wellness by advocating for more nutritious and ethically produced food.


As we come together at 1Utama this November for FFF2023, the collective efforts of agrifoodtech changemakers become increasingly vital. This isn't just another festival; it's a convergence of minds, a fusion of innovation and passion, and a catalyst for transformative change. Through our combined endeavors, we can redefine how we produce, distribute, and consume food, addressing the formidable challenges our planet faces.


Themed "GoodFood4All" and centered around the vibrant MarketPlace, a platform where local, regional, and global players converge to showcase their products. FFF2023 will showcase a rich tapestry of innovative foods and transformative solutions. We've meticulously designed a series of activities centered around the theme of GoodFood4All, spanning five domains: Children's health and well-being, Alternative Proteins, Agrifoodtech, Artisanal foods, and Innovative Foods. These activities encompass networking opportunities and live discussions, enabling interactions with agrifoodtech changemakers. 

We are calling upon change-makers in alternative proteins, artisanal foods, agrifoodtech solutions, innovative foods, and those focused on children's health and well-being to actively participate as stallholders. This public B2C platform provides an excellent opportunity to engage with the general public and shoppers, introducing and promoting nutrition while raising awareness of future and innovative foods for enhanced well-being. Whether you are presenting novel foods or sustainable agriculture solutions, this event opens doors to a wealth of information and partnership opportunities.


"GoodFood4All" is more than just a slogan; it's a commitment. It's a commitment to ensure that the benefits of innovation, sustainability, and health are accessible to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or status. By participating in FFF2023, you become an integral part of this commitment - a commitment to a future where food isn't just sustenance but a source of wellness, joy, and harmony with our planet.


Beyond its thematic focus, this festival also seeks to elevate its impact by fostering collaboration across the entire market ecosystem. By shaping the market landscape, we aim to revamp existing systems and introduce efficiencies that contribute to universal well-being. We anticipate active participation from governments, investors, NGOs, academic institutions, private enterprises, and the general public.


The festival serves as a nexus for FMCG & CPG leaders, agropreneurs, researchers, investors, food ingredient innovators, retailers, and food service providers to engage with the general public and consumers. Its objective is to showcase the limitless potential of innovation and breakthrough technologies, amplifying groundbreaking solutions for next-generation foods. Furthermore, it aims to enhance public awareness of futuristic foods and promote education in food technology for the future. Our collective effort, influence, funding, and expertise can accelerate the transformation of the food system, creating a future where the interdependence of nutrition, environment, and nourishment is thoughtfully harmonized for the collective well-being.


Join us at FFF2023, where the future of food converges with the present, and together, we will chart a course toward a more nourished and sustainable community.


Your presence and active participation are pivotal in shaping this future, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this transformative event.

Kind regards,

Melissa Ong

Group Chief Officer

Impact Circle

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