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IMPACT CIRCLE is a leading AgriFoodTech ecosystem builder and multiplier, dedicated to catalyzing sustainable innovation and collaboration for the food and agriculture sector in Southeast Asia. 


We connect investments and power collaborations within the food and agricultural ecosystem and supply chain to catalyze profitable innovation, expand sustainability and environmental awareness, and bring greater impact on food and nutrition security. 


By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we foster an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs, startups, and stakeholders to drive positive change in the food and agriculture sector. Our humble mandate is to build a vibrant "AgriFoodTech Ecosystem" – an environment focused on increasing investments, creating policy incentives, building capacity, and developing smart partnerships that can enable food system solutions to meet local challenges and achieve scalable impact. Impact Circle is committed to advancing economic goals, social and environmental developments through transformative AgriFoodTech solutions.


Impact Circle is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference to foster a transformational and impactful innovative ecosystem that is pivotal for systematically rejuvenating the agrifood sector, reducing youth unemployment, empowering the community, and creating new jobs and ventures along the value chain. It includes access to funding, nurturing start-ups, business incubators, the seed supply chain, access to data and communication, technologies, and skill development.

Impact Circle is mandated to Shake Up the Food System and Power For Impact.

Disclaimer :

All members of the Organizing Team for Future Food-AgTech Festival, including Patron, Organising Chair, and Senior Advisors receive NO remunerations and serve voluntarily to support the Food System change in Malaysia and calls for focused attention on food security and sustainability as well as to support on the ground initiatives for youth development in agri-foodtech space across all Southeast Asia countries.

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