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Food defines the human experience and great moments in life.
Family dinners, friends feasts, fast snacks eaten during breaks at work, and our many other encounters with food combine to shape our bodies, our minds, our communities,
and the world we call home.
Food is the ultimate equalizer and exists in every level of society. Alarmingly yet increasingly over recent decades, food systems have become machines of extraction and exploitation for profit that threatening our wellbeing, weaken communities, and impoverish the world around us. Store aisles are filled with arsenals of cheap, addictive products that attack our bodies. Parents wage a daily battle to nourish their children, while food supply chains funnel massive profits to corporations. Quantity intake can fill our hunger for time being but not in the long runway where we no longer battle for hunger but for the diseases that attack our survival. It is the time now than never before, we need to rise up and take charge seriously of what we are feeding ourselves into our bodies.
Food production is among the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. Food production generates up to 30% of total global emissions and is also a significant contributor to biodiversity loss, deforestation, freshwater use, and land use change. The production of livestock generates the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions, whereas the production of fruit and vegetables generates the lowest levels. Globally, changes to food production and consumption, including reducing food waste and shifting to a more plant-based diet, are critical to reducing global warming and other environmental impacts.
We are challenging the status quo to transform food from a bare necessity for survival into a vehicle for human wellbeing and prosperity. In order to do this, we are calling for your involvement to take part in this initiative to explore and co-create alternative solutions as well as to transform our existing food systems, and for healthy living and sustain our planet earth.


The festival serves as a nexus for FMCG & CPG leaders, agropreneurs, researchers, investors, food ingredient innovators, retailers, and food service providers to engage with the general public and consumers. Its objective is to showcase the limitless potential of innovation and breakthrough technologies, amplifying groundbreaking solutions for next-generation foods. Furthermore, it aims to enhance public awareness of futuristic foods and promote education in food technology for the future.

Independent Food &
Beverage Brands

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Food Technology

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Research Institutions

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