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Fists in Solidarity
We are shaking the Food System & Power for Impact

Impact Circle voluntarily support AgriFoodTech startups across Southeast Asia by fostering connections and enabling powerful collaborations through investments. Since the establishment of Impact Ventures Network in 2020, our goal has been to identify the most promising AgriFoodTech Change Makers, Founders, and CEOs in the region and invest our time and resources in their success. Our mission involves providing mentorship, organizing capacity building workshops, and facilitating networking events. Within our community, members benefit from automatic access to exceptional programs and valuable connections, all led by our dedicated professionals. Our vision was to create a space where talented founders could convene, discuss groundbreaking ideas, and transform them into successful ventures.

Partnership is one of the most pivotal factors contributing to the success of FFF 2023. The sponsorship received are to be used to support the initiatives and acceleration programs for youth entrepreneurship development. The sponsorship will also help to defray some of the cost for the festival set up, resources and manpower.


Thought For Food Foundation 是一個 501(c)(3) 非營利組織。  

合作夥伴關係是促成 FFF 2022 成功的最關鍵因素之一。收到的捐款將用於支付組織這個節日的費用,也用於設置資源和招募志願者。 通過提交此合作夥伴確認表,您在此同意成為 FFF2022 的合作夥伴並承諾在此處選擇的貢獻。 

聯絡人 :



在準備本次活動時,我們依賴於我們認為準確可靠的信息。然而,未來食品科技節 2022 組織團隊,無論是思想為食品基金會、贊助人、組織主席和顧問,還是參與活動籌備的任何人,均不對其內容承擔任何形式的責任,包括意見、建議或信息,或可能產生的任何後果。 2022 年未來食品科技節組織團隊的所有成員,包括贊助人、組織主席和顧問,均不收取任何報酬,並自願服務於支持馬來西亞的食品系統變革,並呼籲關注食品安全和可持續性,並支持所有東南亞國家農業食品技術領域青年發展的地面倡議。  來自食品攤主的捐款將用於支付組織這個節日的費用,也用於設置資源和招募志願者。


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