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Fists in Solidarity

The subsidy program for Malaysian startups at the Future Food-AgTech Festival 2023 aims to catalyze innovation and foster the growth of the food and agricultural technology sector in Malaysia. By offering financial support (partial waiver of participation fees), mentoring, networking opportunities, and specialized training, the program seeks to empower early-stage startups, enabling them to showcase their innovative FoodTech and AgTech solutions on a public platform. The purpose is to not only provide these startups with essential resources to participate in the festival but also to nurture their potential, connect them with investors, and facilitate collaborations with industry leaders and fellow innovators. Through this initiative, Impact Circle aspires to boost the local economy, drive technological advancements in food and agriculture, and create a thriving ecosystem where startups can flourish, ultimately contributing to the sustainable development of the nation's food and nutrition security

Subsidy Program for Malaysian Startups at Future Food-AgTech Festival 2023


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Malaysian Startup: The startup must be registered and operating in Malaysia.

  2. Innovative FoodTech and AgTech Solutions: The startup must be actively involved in developing innovative food and agricultural technology solutions.

  3. Early-Stage Startups: Preference will be given to early-stage startups.

  4. Demonstrable Impact: The startup must demonstrate the potential impact of their technology on the food and agricultural sector.

  5. Startups in areas such as Food health, wellness, natural sourced ingredients, plant-based, vegan, innovative and creative foods, artisanal products with agricultural sourced ingredients will also be accepted.

  6. Decision is final and determined by Impact Circle Management Team.

  7. Subsidy ends on 8 November 2023.


Subsidy Terms:

  1. Partial Exhibition Fee : Offer a subsidy up to RM2,000 to cover a significant portion exhibition fee for participating startups. This could be tiered based on the startup's stage of development.

  2. Networking Opportunities: Organize exclusive networking sessions for subsidized startups with potential investors, mentors, and industry leaders to enhance their business prospects.

  3. Pitching Opportunities: Connect subsidized startups for pitching their ideas/products to relevant investors and venture capitalists. This exposure can attract funding and partnerships.

  4. Mentorship Sessions: Arrange one-on-one mentorship sessions (on demand basis) with experienced professionals and industry experts to provide guidance and advice to startups.

  5. Workshops and Training: Grant access to specialized workshops and training sessions conducted by industry experts, focusing on areas like 360 marketing strategy development, strategic finance, and cross border scaling / growth strategies.

  6. Visibility and Marketing: Connect subsidized startups to marketing opportunities to showcase their products/services effectively at B2B trade expo and B2C consumer festival. 

  7. Partnership Opportunities: Encourage partnerships between subsidized startups and established companies in the industry, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

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